Updating your kitchen for 1 500

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But take heart: It doesn’t really matter much which backsplash tiles or faucet you choose.

As long as you get the big stuff right, you’ll be thrilled with your new kitchen.

While the designers at home centers, kitchen stores, and cabinet shops won’t charge you a fee, they aren’t working for free.

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For budgeting purposes, figure about 30% on cabinets; 14% on appliances; 10% on countertops; 5% on lighting; 4% on plumbing fixtures; 2% to 3% on paint; 1% to 2% on tiles, and 35% on construction costs, such as windows, flooring, and labor.Replacing the knobs on your cabinets and installing a new faucet can give your kitchen a surprising face lift, as can upgrading to stainless-steel appliances, but it can be a slippery slope.“I just replaced a cooktop and one thing led to another,” says Carol Krieger of Carol S. “I ended up doing the countertops, which led to the backsplash, then, well, how about the flooring?Choose the Most Important Aspects to Remodel You do not have to change everything to get a dramatic transformation.Of course you should change the things you hate or drastically devalue your home, but consider keeping certain aspects around that you either like or are at least neutral towards.

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Depending on how handy you are, you can do this yourself, but most recommend hiring a professional who can spray the cabinets for a smoother finish.