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Omar and teri dating

Now, having produced and toured two albums as Le Butcherettes, they’ve reformed and come together with Nicci Kasper (Kudu, KRS-ONE), Deantoni Parks (John Cale, The Mars Volta) to define a new and all-encompassing aesthetic as Bosnian Rainbows. Not really, just mostly on the time that we do have off, we just have communal living time.In advance of their Austin stop, we spoke with Rodriguez-Lopez and Gender Bender about the facets of that aesthetic, their philosophy of friend-families, and what it takes to live the revolution. We have communal living time without the prospect of enterprise, or expression in that sense.This latest Bosnian Rainbow chapter brings Suárez together with Puerto Rican Grammy-winning producer and musician Omar Rodríguez-López, who is from the bands At The Drive-In and The Mars Volta.Also joining the quartet is drummer Deantoni Parks and keyboardist Nicci Kasper.

Suárez contributed lyrics and vocals to Rodríguez-López' Octopus Kool Aid in 2012, and starred in his unreleased film project Mi No Y Esperanza.'” says Gender Bender, calling in from the road somewhere in rural Georgia.“We’re from the same pack, the same tribe, and that’s when we realized that we should just do it.” This kismet is apparent on their self-titled full-length, in that the product of their locked-in-the-room-’til-it’s-done approach is the kind of genre-defying sound exploration that can only come from a bunch of people equally committed to redefining their own expectations.In addition to the video archive, this corporeal energy is ever evolving through the projects the group spawned, generating a timeline littered with friendships and failures most recently embraced by Bosnian Rainbows -- the result of what happens when one protagonist of the above mythology meets a woman with an even greater passion for moving intensely. Omar Rodríguez-López: We’ve all been living together in a small house, out in California by the ocean.Rodríguez-López first saw Teresa Suarez (who performs as Teri Gender Bender) at a venue in Guadalajara where her band, Le Butcherettes, took the stage even as a power outage had convinced other artists to cancel the show. And have you been working there, rehearsing there, or working on new material?

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She lived in Denver for the first thirteen years of her life, until she moved back to Mexico with her mother and two younger brothers after her father's death from a heart attack.

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