How to stop genius updating

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Whether your business needs just a countertop, a portable solution, or both — we’ve got you covered.Enhance your customers’ experience at the register.I’m also firmly of the opinion that we’ll all be better off if functionality like this is handled by a standards body like the W3C, or a non-profit like the Wiki Media Foundation, or at least an open-source software project.

A Spotify representative confirmed the company "will be rolling the experience out on other platforms soon," but there's no firm date for that roll-out yet.Very much a temporary solution, you can swipe right on the Notification banner to ignore it for a few more hours.If you have an update waiting for you in the App Store, you will have to do this at least once or twice a day.Genius has made special arrangements with some sites, such as the New York Times (which is also my employer), but hasn’t provided a way for smaller users to either opt in or opt out.This means they’re effectively forcing it on everyone.

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"Behind the Lyrics (Hip-Hop)" is the lone genre-centric playlist being made available this morning, and it's doing so alongside artist-specific playlists covering the work of Pusha T, Tinashé, and Diplo.

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