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The model proposes that individuals with BDD selectively attend to minor aspects of appearance as opposed to seeing the big picture.

Only to wake up in that position in the middle of the night.

Several studies have found CBT to successfully reduce BDD severity and related symptoms such as depression (Mc Kay, 1999; Mc Kay et al., 1997; Rosen et al., 1995; Veale et al., 1996; Wilhelm et al., 1999; Wilhelm et al., 2011; Wihelm et al., 2014).

CBT models of BDD (e.g., Veale, 2004; Wilhelm et al., 2013) incorporate biological, psychological, and sociocultural factors in the development and maintenance of BDD.

Written and performed by Sasha Gilchrist (Florence), also features the talents of Emily Veryard and Kurt Shantz, who perform multiple roles and characters in Florence’s life. This is especially so, considering that some of the vignettes are short enough that the performers only have the chance to establish character with a facial expression.

Likewise, the writing is also excellent, as Florence navigates the happy-go-lucky (social media) lives of her “friends.” While drinking wine.

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Another goal of social skills training is improving a patient's ability to function in everyday social situations.