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Fameolous has a source that was very close to Phaedra, and spilled on other season 9 spoilers before they aired; this scoop came from the same person.“I know because Phaedra told me so. DID, Maybe it’s just me, but I really think that this is true; as a man of the church I can’t imagine what Jamal is thinking about her recent RHOA scandal!

Some of co-stars keep insisting that she knew, and support Apollo’s allegations about, “”According to Fameolous, Mr.In fact, the setup seemed to be getting on her nerves more and more the longer he stayed, but they are now peacefully living in their own separate spaces once again.Honestly, Carole and Adam are one of the best representations of a non-escalator relationship on TV. I couldn’t find any photographic evidence of Sonja and Prince Albert being together, but since it was before she got married and there were no camera phones or digital cameras in those days, I’ll let it Gizelle Bryant still dating the retired basketball player?

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The update added that “the word on the street” is that Gizelle’s mom approves of this basketball player.

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