Dating on the rebound signs

Posted by / 03-Feb-2018 14:27

Do a few self-checks to determine if you're relationship is real, or if it's just a rebound.

Rebounds will usually occur around six weeks after the initial break up.

Even though at first blush it might seem like he’s found something real – he’s putting in an effort in his new relationship, the girl he’s with seems totally different from you, and he “seems” over the moon – there are some telltale signs that will give away the truth.

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It's just a combination of unfortunate timing and the fact that you're available and they're vulnerable. There's no reason to automatically discount a guy just because he had a girlfriend a month ago. Is there a slightly higher chance the milk is going to make you sick and also fuck its ex-girlfriend when she booty calls it one night? You heard his last relationship was incredibly serious. Did he date someone for a few months and things fizzled out? Does it almost feel as if he never left the old relationship?

Keep in mind that just because you came into the picture right after a particularly vicious breakup doesn't mean your relationship is doomed in the slightest. It's like drinking milk one day past the expiration date. It's probably not so damaging that he needs to rebound from it in the first place. If he's basically trying to act like things are serious less than a month in and constantly sleeping over (or expecting you to do the same), it might be because he's having a hard time relearning boundaries. He's got a major event coming up that he needs a date to.

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Jumping into a new relationship too quickly after a break-up is called “rebounding.” It’s called this because it’s a period where you are vulnerable and inviting attention on yourself from people who have their own agendas, just as an NBA player becomes vulnerable immediately after retrieving a missed shot.