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Earlier today (for the first time ever) I almost lied about my age to a stranger.

We just can't wait any longer The break time finally arrives!So one of my friends recently asked me some questions about Khajiit religion, and it got me on a Khajiit kick, and I realized I’ve never put my case for the above out into the blackness of the internet.Note I’m not saying other locations wouldn’t be deserving–just that I think Elsweyr, at this particular point in the lore of the universe, is the prime candidate for a game.If she wants to stick with the immediate-family-member theme, why can’t she call me sister (or some variation of it)?I’m too young to be her mommy, and I faux-jokingly came out and said so during this afternoon’s irksome little exchange.

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The nearby customer in question confrontationally stared me down and asked me how old I was. It was as if everyone in the store had stopped talking to wait for my answer.