Are kaitlyn weaver and andrew poje dating

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Are kaitlyn weaver and andrew poje dating

“We missed competing.” It was a decision they arrived at over a series of conversations, and finally made firm during a long car ride last summer in Beijing. “We were in the car for a couple of hours and we just talked about ’OK, in a dream world, if we came back, what would our team look like? What music would we use.’ And we just kind of really started building a plan then.

MOSCOW – Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje of Waterloo, Ont., won the bronze medal on Saturday at the Rostelecom Cup, to conclude the third stop on the ISU Grand Prix figure skating circuit. were second at 182.13 while the Canadians followed at 178.57.I’m glad this is not the Olympic year.” However, she still thinks she should be on the world team roster.“Even though today’s skating was subpar, there’s not a doubt in my mind that this has been a rough season, but that I’m still pretty much one of the best skaters in the United States and in the world. All I know is that, given the opportunity, I wouldn’t let them down and I think that I would be a very wise pick for the world team.” WHAT DO YOU THINK? JJJ Update: Gracie has just split with her longtime coach, Frank Carroll.He was also the coach for Michelle Kwan, Evan Lysacek, Mirai Nagasu and currently coaches 2014 Mens’ Bronze Medalist Denis Ten.After the 2005-06 season, both Kaitlyn and Andrew found themselves without partners.

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In January 2008, they relocated to Toronto to train under Shae-Lynn Bourne, the 2003 World Champion.

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