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Webcams around the world

Every day people log in to their favorite webcams and watch their favorite webcam people.To them, it's like watching an addictive soap opera.This instant connectivity to volcanoes in some of the most remote parts of the world is what gives us the impression that there are more volcanic eruptions today than in the past.There really aren't more, but rather we hear about or see the eruptions much faster.We will be featuring a few more from this site, but for now check out the camera angles on view that capture Times Square. Unfortunately, the best one on view wouldn’t run on my browser because of lack of broadband speed.

There are other people who believe that webcams are horrible. No adult content, though, there are kids here after all.So, here are ten remote webcam feeds from around the world that may make you switch off your TV for a while.Earth Cam is a network of real-time remote webcam feeds from around the world.history of volcanology have so many volcanoes been monitored.We have the ability to sit and watch hundreds of volcanoes as they sleep, rumble or erupt – all from the comfort of our homes or offices.

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Check out the list below of volcano webcams, sorted by geographic location.

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