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Text sluts with registering

The National Safety Council CEO supports the legislation, noting that 40,000 people died on the road in 2016, a 14% jump from 2014 and the biggest two-year jump in 50 years.

"There can't be a more compelling reason than life or death for saying why we should have access to this information," she says.

"Every fender bender would become a pretense for gobbling up people's private cellphone information, and we know that cellphones typically contain our entire lives," says a New York Civil Liberties Union rep.

At least 46 states have laws barring texting while driving and 14 ban all hand-held devices, but safety advocates say those laws need enforcement.

I shifted on my seat, letting my short skirt ride up my thigh. I made a small space for myself next to the hand dryer and shuffled off my clothes: my jeans, my top and my sneakers.

I worked there once as a table dancer, just for a short time. I got out because of a disagreement, but what goes around, comes around. I'd done it so many times I could do it in my sleep. The bathroom was full of girls too, hogging the mirror, undressing, changing, brushing their hair, gossiping about so many things.

Blokes would write to the agency asking for my phone number. I know I'm not supposed to say it because people say it's immodest, but look at me. I was going to ask her to lend me 10 bucks, just to see me through the day."I met Peggy years ago in drama school. "I'm afraid there's nobody here at the moment," she said sweetly. But if you go to the Holiday Inn, you can ask your questions then." lent me some cash. Otherwise I would never have been able to pay the stylist. I considered wearing stockings I'd brought some - but eventually decided to leave them off.

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In this May 10, 2017 photo, Ben Lieberman sits at his home in Chappaqua, NY.

After his son, Evan, was killed in a crash in which the driver of the car he was riding in was texting, Lieberman has been...

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