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In this sense, messages are similar to a traditional email service.The inbox is where you'll read all of your private communication on Facebook, including your chat conversation history.If you've never used an instant messaging client before, you may want to review the Chat and Instant Messaging lesson in our Beyond Email tutorial to learn more about the basics.Messages work just like chats, but they allow you to send private messages to friends who are offline—that is, friends who aren't currently signed in to Facebook.

Plus, those three services report active users, not just registered users, while Kik doesn’t. It took million in new funding last fall, and has a lot of teen users — the company claims 40 percent of U. teenagers are active on Kik, which is how the company plans to become the “We Chat of the West,” according to Livingston. Re/code: When you say you want to be the “We Chat of the West,” what does that really mean?I see that the market is full of mobile apps based on card/board games.For example, do a search for "Taboo" and there are many results which are not published by Hasbro Inc. The top "Taboo" result says in the description that they are not associated with Hasbro--does this absolve them of infringement issues?Essentially, that means he wants to build other services like games, shopping and even banking into an app people use to message their friends.To do this, he’s following the lead of another messaging app that’s already doing something similar in China: We Chat, owned by Chinese holding company Tencent. In fact, he wrote an entire Medium post about it last November.

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If I develop such a game and have to pull it down, would I be able to resubmit it after making some changes?